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Editorial transparency

VIKINGR Chronicles is a blog that deals with navigation, sailing, boats and everything that surrounds this universe. It is written and maintained by myself, Louis Houde, captain of the sailboat VIKINGR. My editorial line is completely transparent. If I am talking about any product or service and have received a sponsorship, the item will be clearly identified as "sponsorship".


Definition: any content created in collaboration with a brand or a company that offers products or services related to the content of this blog, which in exchange for mentions, agrees to finance all or part of its publication, will be identified as content. sponsored. This content will therefore be useful for the reader.

What it means: A sponsorship is not an advertisement. It is a product or service that I believe information about it can be useful to my readers. The company requesting or giving a sponsorship has no right to review the editorial content of my article and the final evaluation that will be made of its product or service, if any.

I remain biased, objective and completely transparent at all times.



No advertising will be displayed in the VIKINGR Chronicles.

Definition: Paid publication promoting a service, trademark or company, without interest or direct utility for the reader.

Affiliate links

Links displayed on this blog may be so-called affiliate links. That is, a small amount of money could be received for any purchase made on the linked site. Links are identified with a star (*) and a more complete explanation is given at the end of the referring article. These links do not in any way change the price for the buyer and are all likely to be of interest to the reader. By making the purchase through an affiliate link, you encourage me in the pursuit of my blog. Thanks very much!

Pictures and videos

All photos and videos used on this blog are mine and are copyrighted unless otherwise noted. In this case, the indications of ownership will appear under the photo or video. Some photos are also royalty-free photos.

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