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Portneuf marina

When I left the Batiscan marina for Quebec, I wanted to make the most of the currents of the ebb tide. In doing so, I would have arrived a little early in Quebec, with a rising tide that causes a lot of current under the bridges, where I am heading for a few days. So I decided to make a short stop at the Portneuf marina which is roughly located in the middle of my little cruise.

I stayed there for a few hours. Time to grab a bite to eat and then take a nap. I won’t hide from you that for my first experience on the river at tidal level, the previous night had been shorter than usual! I must also tell you that I do not use the autopilot. I therefore have to constantly control the VIKINGR using the tiller. Without the help of any technology. And most of the time, I do it standing in order to better foresee the problems (I also narrowly avoided a huge log 30 inches in diameter, floating between two waters, following the heavy rains of the last few days, a beautiful lesson!). It is certainly more difficult, but it also allows me to learn better.

And then, I had heard so much about the Rapides-Richelieu. Those, I didn’t really notice, although sometimes I had peaks of 9 or 10 knots while my boat was at a hull speed of 6.2 * knots. All the same!

And the Portneuf marina?

I’m coming! It is a beautiful marina, with great facilities. At least from what I could see. I would have liked to have a bite to eat at their little restaurant, but it was closed on Tuesday. I am nevertheless informed that we can borrow a bicycle, free of charge, to go to the small town of Portneuf for a little shopping! This is such a great idea!

However, what I can confirm to you is the very great receptivity of the team in place. They were all there waiting for me to give me a little help in mooring my boat at the dock. Maneuver that I usually do alone, but after familiarizing myself with the facilities. I would rather ask for help the first time rather than damaging the flanks of the VIKINGR out of sheer pride!

In short, if you want to take a break between Trois-Rivières and Quebec, or to discover a beautiful place, I invite you to stop in Portneuf! For my part, I intend to return there very soon, on my return from Saguenay. Then I can better talk to you about it!


* Thanks to Louis Cyr who tells me that 2.43 X the radical of the water line in meters gives the hull speed: 6.2 knots.

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May Odin be with you!

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